Two psychological reasons for people to take the Hyperloop

Written by Jiayang Feng

While people are still arguing about the presence of Hyperloop- whether it is secure or not, there are two possible reasons for people to take this new emerging transportation.

Firstly, people nowadays are tired of other transportations. Flight means long time waiting( since you have to get to the airport even three hours earlier for an international flight) and the unpredictable changes due to the weather and other conditions. Cars are boring and tired, people do not like to drive for hours to get to other places and it’s not environmental friendly. Trains? No- they are too slow for business people. According to a recent American survey, the long time waiting could not only result in low efficiency, but also will result in anxiety in people’s psychological aspects. An average waiting time of 2.5 hours will let people to be 3 times more irritable. And here comes the hyperloop, the speed of which can be up to 700 miles per hour. People can save a lot of time in travelling and avoid waiting for a long time. Most importantly, it is environment friendly, and it is not that costly.

The second psychological aspect for people to choose Hyperloop is that it is expanding our spaces. In ancient times, our ancestors were easily blocked by geographical reasons due to the inconvenience of the transportation. However, with hyperloop, we can now get to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 35 minutes. It means the region for us to take certain actions is expanding. A student study in Los Angeles can now get back to his home in San Francisco everyday and a new married couple will never need to worry that the long distance is separating them. People will feel that their “home” is larger than ever. The change in spaces will further result in some economical changes- it will offer more job opportunities along the route and let the cities it connected to be a transportation center.

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