Blog posts

Each of our group member has different focus on the research of the Hyperloop Project. If you would like to learn more, please click the menu button on the top right corner of the front page. You can see all our blogs list there! Besides, you will also see other materials related to our project, […]

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Group Members

Our Hyperloop Group has four wonderful group members:                                                                                               […]

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Bibliography Of Hyperloop

1.California High Speed Train Project. Design Criteria. N.p.: California High Speed Train Project, n.d. California High Speed Rail Authority. Dec. 2012. Web. -This document lays out the design criteria for the interior and track of the proposed California high-speed rail. It provides a helpful overview of the complexities of designing a transport system and the codes, guidelines […]

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Hyperloop Presentation

Our group finished our presentation on Hyperloop in the 506 class last Tuesday. Basically, our presentation can be divided into four parts: Casey first gave a brief introduction about the techs behind Hyperloop. Chris focused on history aspect, and Jiayang mentioned the perspective of science fiction. Lastly, Allie introduced the socio-economical factors of Hyperloop. You […]

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Fine-Tuning the Hyperloop Concept

Written by Casey Tilton When Elon Musk released his white paper in 2013 on his theoretical ideas for a “Fifth mode of transportation,” he was careful to note that he had no short term plans to lead the construction of the Hyperloop himself; instead, he introduced the project as an open source form of transportation […]

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The historical Hyperloop: an examination of the technological ancestry of alternative high speed rail part 2 of 2

Written by Chris Miller So much of the HYPE in the Hyperloop comes from the man behind it. Elon Musk, modern tech demi-God of PayPal, of Tesla, of SpaceX, seems to guarantee the success of a technology simply by adding his name to it. So when he put his name on a 2013 white paper […]

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